Practical information

When you get out of the airport, you come to a roundabout. You drive through this roundabout (turn at exit 2) and then there is a bridge right in front of you and on your right side the brewery San Miguel. Drive across the bridge and onto the highway that leads you up the coast. After approx. 1.5 km – you have the car company Renault on your left – turn onto the A-7 motorway, which goes towards the city of Granada. If you do not remember to turn here, it is not the worst … You will instead pass through the city of Malaga, which is definitely worth a visit. But remember to turn and you are headed around Malaga and it is a little faster!

From here it is just right until you reach the coastal town of Velez-Malaga. The exit from the motorway is No. 272 ​​and the sign says “Velez Malaga, A-356” From the motorway you come down to a roundabout and before driving the final stretch, you can shop in the large El Ingenio mall, with Lots of different stores and a large supermarket where you can buy just about anything. They have many delicious things! – A section of fresh fish and fresh meat, books, milk, cheese and many other goodies.

After you make your purchase, it is up with the A-356. After approx. 5 km you can see a sign – Canillas de Aceituno – on your right hand. The road is very nice and safe. This part of the journey offers an impressive view of the mountainous landscape and the steep hills where the olives, almonds, figs and vines spread.

Finding the house
When you reach Canillas de Aceituno, you drive straight into the city center and stop at the town hall in the square. You walk up the stairs next to the town hall and pass streams where the purest spring water flows out of the mountain. Continue straight onto Calle Consejo, which turns right after 15 meters and after another 10 meters there is on your left a picturesque little street with lots of beautiful flowers. This is where you should stay! Walk about 10 meters up this small side street and here is the entrance to your holiday town house. You can know that by the small key box on the left side of the front door.

Car Parking
Since the townhouse is in a street with no traffic, you cannot park directly on the townhouse. But there is free parking throughout the village. Remember, however, that you should not park in the city’s central square during the period 8-14 – this is the time when the local policeman is in operation! You should also not stop in the large parking lot in front of La Maroma restaurant Friday 7-14 as there is a market here. So remember to move the car if it is parked here. But otherwise, free, free parking is available throughout the village. There is also a huge parking garage just off the western entrance to the city. And if you have the courage to drive on narrow streets you can get up behind the city and park there. 

Bus and public transport
There is a regular bus service run by Autobuses Carlos ( from Canillas to Velez and Malaga. This is useful for getting to and from Velez on weekdays and also for getting to the airport. The bus stop is at La Maroma restaurant. It is best to arrive a little before the announced times as the bus has been known to leave a few minutes before the announced departure time.

Carlos also runs and connects to other services in Velez. For example, many village people use it to get to the hospital in Velez (involves a quick transfer if the bus goes to Malaga). You can also get to Torre del Mar. Just tell the driver where you want to go. Prices are: € 1.55 for Velez and € 5.22 for Malaga. (2018).

  • Monday – 7:30 and 16:00 direct to Malaga via Velez-Malaga bus station
  • Tuesday to Thursday – 7 p.m. 7:30 and 16:00 to Velez-Malaga bus station only.
  • Friday – 7:30 am and 4:00 pm direct to Malaga via Velez-Malaga bus station. Saturday – 9:10 direct to Malaga via Velez-Malaga bus station
  • Sunday (and holidays) – No service.

Return buses from Malaga (Monday and Friday only) are at. 12:30 and 18:30 – 5 minutes later at the bus stop at the harbor. Only Saturday at. 12:30. Return buses (Monday to Friday) from Velez are approximately 45 later than the above. The direct buses to Malaga stop at the port and bus station. Both stops are close to stations on the Cercanias line. This is a train that goes from Alameda in Malaga to Fuengirola via the airport. The stop at Alameda is close to the river. The stop at the bus station is within the railway station – follow signs for lineas C1 and C2 – platform 10. You need C1 trains that run both ways every 20 minutes throughout the day. The journey to Malaga takes only 1 hour 20 min. On Tuesdays to Thursdays, if you want to go to Malaga, leave the bus at Velez, but there is an ALSA bus (directo) leaving at 8:00 and another at 8:15 (maybe 8:20). Make sure you get on directo otherwise you will spend a long time getting to know Rincon de Victoria. The ALSA fare is € 3.28. Midnight return buses go on to Sedella and Salares, which can prove helpful if you plan a tour trip, etc. These leave the village at. 13:50. 

Check in
Formally, check-in time is no earlier than noon. 15 and the check-out time is no later than 10 p.m. 10. If there are no other guests ahead of you, you can arrive at any time. But if there have been other guests, they must have left the house by 1 p.m. 10, and the cleaning staff must have completed their cleaning by noon. 15. When you go home, the same rules apply. You must be formally out of the house by noon. 10 ‘

Key box
Before your arrival, you will receive the code for the key box. Therein lies a key to the front door. When you leave the house again, put the key back in the key box.

The large closet on the roof terrace. You will find all our linens – duvets, pillows, pillowcases, pillow cases, sheets and blankets – in the large closet on the roof terrace.

When it is cold
If it gets really cold, then there is a yellow piece of fabric at the bottom of the roof terrace at the bottom of the pile. This can be used to hang over the bar downstairs in the kitchen by the stairs so that the heat stays in the kitchen / ground floor. This makes it easier, faster to heat the ground floor if it is cold. There are also plenty of blankets and blankets so even if it gets cold everything should be fine. The rod can be lifted off if pushed slightly upwards and so it should be easy to hang up the fabric if you wish.

Zibro oil furnace
The house also has a Zibro oven which can be used as a supplement to the heat pumps, air conditioning. The only oil to use is Zibro oil. Poor oil can damage the stove and you run the risk of cleaning and fixing the stove. It is a good idea to buy the oil in advance in one of the major construction markets in Malaga – Bauhaus, Leroy Merlin etc. </ Span> </ p>

House Rules
Of course, you can play music, laugh and be self-sufficient. Just don’t forget to send the notes of your favorite music and high-pitched speech from the rooftop terrace all over Canillas de Aceituno! And remember to keep a low profile after 6pm. 22. Important! Also remember that the Spaniards hold siesta. They may therefore like to sound with, for example, construction from 2 pm. 7 in the morning, while the siesta period from 13-16, is the time when they have a nap or have fun with the family.

Of course you are welcome to bring your dog or cat on holiday. however, you must be able to control your dog, it must not be aggressive towards other animals or humans and must be kept on a leash when you air it inside the city. However, there is plenty of free area behind in the nature park where dogs can run freely. Extra cleaning fee for pets is included.

Gas Bottles
Are you missing gas? There is an extra gas bottle in the pantry under the stairs. Or head down to one of the two hardware stores – obliquely above the restaurant with the two large jars in front – or obliquely to La Maroma restaurant. Replace gas cylinder. Change to a new gas bottle is done by 1) closing the gas at the rocker switch. 2) Unpack the new gas bottle. 3) Lift up the ring 4) Press down on the entire closure and then press down on the ring so it says click.

Close windows and shutters 

As windows and shutters are made of wood they can sometimes twist. The trick to closing them is to get the rod in place which you do by first closing the door / window and then pressing slightly into the rod with one hand and with the other hand pushing the rod upwards.

At both ends of the city are several different large waste bins for free use.